The Goals

The Arizona Dance Foundation began to provide opportunities for Arizona’s dancers. These opportunities include training, scholarships, and performance opportunities. The Foundation will provide these things through partnerships with Arizona dance organizations and fundraising. The training includes master classes with leaders throughout the dance spectrum, support of dance education entities already in place in Arizona, and the establishment of a school in conjunction with Brooksher Ballet. Scholarships and grants will be provided for qualified individuals to study both in Arizona and elsewhere. These funds will support a wide range of necessities for the student, including tuition, shoes, airfare, books, and fees. Performances will initially come from partnerships with other organizations and schools. The final goal is the establishment of a regional touring company to ensure that future Arizona dancers will have a place to grow their art.

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC - APRIL 6: The Prague State Opera ballet ensemble presents the traditional version of Giselle on April 6, 2011 in Prague

Education / Training

The best way to promote dance in Arizona is through education and training. ADF does this by providing scholarships and grants to those who otherwise wouldn't have access to any dance education or the tools required to excel.


ADF will bring world class art to the desert by assisting productions that enable Arizonans to experience the are of dance from both the stage and the audience.

Long Term Goals

ADF's long term goals include the establishment of a regional touring company based in Arizona and a place for dancers to train and perform no matter their socioeconomic status.

Next Steps...

None of this can happen without your help. So, please, step en pointe, and donate today.