Education / Training

Education and training includes scholarships and grants, as well as outreach and pedagogy programs.

Lily giggles


Performances includes backing local performances and choreographers and bringing touring shows to Arizonans that might never have a chance to see them.

Lily and Savannah

Long Term Goals

The formation a regional touring company will give Arizona artists a chance to spread their wings and fly while ensuring they have a safety net during their young careers.



According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, dance has several meanings:

  • to glide, step, or move through set series of movements, usually to music;
  • to move quickly up and down or about;
  • to perform or take part in as a dancer;
  • an act or instance of dancing;
  • a social gathering for dancing;
  • a piece of music (as a waltz) by which dancing may be guided;
  • or, the art of dancing.

Our goal at ADF is to enable the people of Arizona to embrace all these definitions.



Next Steps...

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